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High Density Chitosan

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High-density chitosan density is 2 to 3 times higher than the ordinary chitosan. Its ability to adsorb oils while the same volume is 3 times stronger than the normal chitosan. High density chitosan can be digested in short time in your stomach and can quickly dissolved under acid conditions. After the adsorption of cholesterol and fats, when through the intestinal tract, it won’t be absorbed in its basic conditions flocculation, and then be eliminated from the body to achieve the propose of weight loss, lowering health care.

Function: a good weight function. After being ingested,  in your body high density chitosan can be combined with the lipids forming complex salt or complex, which has a strong stomach acid hydrophobicity,  also is not hydrolyzed by gastric acid, and digested by the digestive system, so as to achieve the results of weight loss.

English Name: High Density Chitosan

Chemical structure:1,4- poly amino glucose

Molecular formula: (C6H11NO4)N

Molecular weight of uni: 161.2

CAS NO: 9012-76-4 

Properties:non-toxic,odorless,white or light yellow powder

Properties: non-toxic, odorless, white or light yellow powder.