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Water Soluble Chitosan

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Extracted from crustacean, Chitosan is an amino polysaccharide. Since the strong intermolecular forces, it can only be dissolved in an organic or inorganic acid, which limits its application in many fields. Currently, the Water-soluble chitosan is active chitosan derivative - chitosan hydrochloride (chloride chitosan) developed and researched through a special treatment by us company. It can be directly dissolved in water and is a strong cationic chitosan derivative, which can promote somatic cells’ absorption of nutrients or drugs. And it also can be used for absorption enhancers of hydrophilic drugs and natural cosmetics nutrition and medical dressings and carriers, food, health care, the cationic flocculant and other aspects.

Properties: white or slightly yellow, odorless, non-toxic, translucent amorphous powder. Instant water solution, PH value 3-6, aqueous clear solution, stable.


1, it can be for the preparation of trauma, burn dressings, excellent hemostatic function.

2, It can be made into capsules health care products, convenient to eat. It can be dissolved and absorbed easily to bring its health care function fully.

3, Chitosan hydrochloride can be used for absorption enhancers of hydrophilic drugs and cosmetics natural nutrition.

4, Chitosan hydrochloride maintains the quality of chitosan. Having a good film and antibacterial properties, it can be used for preservative and additives for food, fruits and vegetables, etc.

5, Chitosan hydrochloride has strong cationic for sewage treatment, settling recycling of plant protein food, improving the utilization rate and pulp strength of paper products.

Water Soluble Chitosan

English Name:Water Soluble Chitosan

Chemical structure:Chitosan hydrochloride

CAS NO: 70694-72-3