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Chitosan hydrochloride can be dissolved directly in water. It is a kind of chitosan derivatives with strong cationic property, and it can promote the body to absorb nutrient component or medicine. It can be used in sorbefacient, medical dressing and carrier, food and health and cationic flocculant of hydrophilic medicine and natural nutritional cosmetics.

1.It can be used in preparing wound and burn dressing with excellent hemostatic effect.

2.Capsule health care products can be made from it, and it is easy for consumption. And it can be absorbed with dissolution, so it can fully develop health care function of chitosan.

3.Chitosan hydrochloride can be used in sorbefacient of hydrophilic medicine and natural nutritional cosmetics.

4.Chitosan hydrochloride keeps quality of chitosan, and has good film-forming property and bacteria restraint property. Therefore, it can be used in food additive and antistaling agent of fruits and vegetables.

5.Chitosan hydrochloride, with strong cationic property, can be used in sewage disposal, sedimentating and recycling protein in food factory. It can increase the coefficient of utilization of paper pulp and paper strength as well if it is used in papermaking.


Molecular weight (MW): thousands to two hundred thousand

Chemical structure:

Properties : white or whitish semitransparent amorphous powder without any taste or toxicity. It can be dissolved upon water , and the solution is neutral, clear and transparent, and has stable property.