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Chitosan, a kind of natural high polymer with excellent properties such as biological functionality & biocompatibility, blood compatibility, safety and microbic resolvability, has drawn wide attention in various industries. And great progress has been made in its application research of many fields such as medicine, food, chemical, cosmetics, water treatment, metal extraction and recovery, biochemistry and biomedical engineering. Researches about the effect of Chitosan in lowering blood lipids and blood sugar of patients have also been reported. Meanwhile, chitosan, used as thickening agent and coating agent, has been listed in the National Standards for Uses of Food Additives GB-2760.

Alias: Deacetylated chitin

English Name:Chitosan

Chemical name: β-(1 , 4) -2 - amino-2 - deoxy-D-glucose

Molecular formula: (C6H11NO4)N

Molecular weight of uni:161.2

Chemical stucture:


Chitosan is a kind of white or grey-white translucent flaky or powdery solid, tasteless, odorless, nontoxic, and it has slight pearly luster.

CAS NO:9012-76-4