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Chitin is a new material that comes from marine organisms and is characterized by such advantages as the most desirable physicochemical property and biological activity, the widest scope of application and field, and the greatest market potential. Presently scientists across the world are paying high attention to chitin and this material has been developed by many countries all over the world. Besides, what is most gratifying about chitin has boiled down to the following.


Firstly, the annual quantity for the raw material of chitin coming from nature totals roughly 10 billion tons. So we can see it is an inexhaustible natural resource. Secondly, the chitin industry is an emerging realm that will turn “waste” into wealth. The raw material for this industry is nothing more than the leftovers from enterprises engaging in aquatic product processing, citric acid production, and antibiotic manufacturing as well as the wastes excreted from organisms. Chitin can even be produced by taking many organisms as raw material. Given this, chitin is regarded as a sunrise industry that utilizes resources in an economical way. Thirdly, the individualized derivatives are highlighted based on the universal biological activity of chitin, which boasts a widespread scope of application and development and inestimable varieties and quantities of embellishing. This will make it possible for developing a large number of more desirable and more rational medicine, food, health care products, food additives, etc. that are more in line with our need.


Supported by our favorable location - Efficient Ecological Economic Zone in the Yellow River Delta and the abundant marine organisms and marine shoals, we take the advantage of the national preferential policy on the integration of the yellow and blue economic zones to build up a production based for marine organism-oriented functional food. In this way, we shall play an exemplary role for the development of the same industry and bring along the development of related industries. Moreover, we shall strive to quickly turn the advantage of the marine resources of Kenli County and even Dongying into marine economic advantage, with a view to enhancing their economic strength and competitiveness and to bringing about satisfactory social benefits.


However, there are still aspects that need further improvement concerning the research, application, publicity and promotion of chitin, especially the popularization of product development and manufacturing-related knowledge. In order to develop chitin into large quantities of medicine and food and enable chitin to come into extensive use in the health care realm and thus benefit mankind, we still need to intensify effort in the research of chitin regarding pharmacology, biochemistry, genetic engineering technology, etc.


Despite the bright prospect of chitin, we shoulder a heavy responsibility for the chitin realm in the long future ahead.

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Shandong Luhai LanSheng Biotechnology Co.,Ltd founded in Dec 12, 2015 with registered capital of 10 million yuan, is a high tech industry which is professional engaged in research and development, production and operation of a heparin and its derivatives.